Kara Ramsey, PT, DPT

Hello! My name is Kara Ramsey, and I am the owner of Rooted Therapy and Wellness. I grew up in west Wichita and attended Kansas State University, where I received my Bachelor’s in Kinesiology. I went on to graduate from Wichita State University with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2018. I have a strong background in orthopedic physical therapy and love finding and fixing movement dysfunctions. Following the birth of my two daughters, I grew an interest in women’s health and fertility. This led me to find Mercier Therapy and I became a Certified Mercier Fertility Specialist in 2023. My passion is helping women find the root cause of their infertility and to become mothers themselves! Through my own pregnancy and postpartum journeys, I realized that I needed more knowledge to help not only myself, but all other women. Thus, I have added training in pregnancy, postpartum, and pelvic floor physical therapy. My goal with Rooted is to help women not only become mothers, but to be the strongest and best versions of themselves!

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What is Mercier Therapy?

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A safe and gentle, holistic Fertility treatment

Mercier Therapy is a visceral pelvic manipulation technique that helps to bring about better organ mobility, restore blood flow in the pelvis, and optimize the health and function of the pelvic organs. This hands-on manual therapy treatment addresses visceral (uterine and ovarian) and soft tissue restrictions in the abdomen, hips, and spine. It is gentle, non-invasive, and all external.

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Shared Journey Fertility Program

Are you facing fertility challenges due to unexplained infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, scar tissue from abdominal or pelvic surgeries, or failed assisted reproductive attempts such as IVF? Are you struggling with pelvic pain or recovering from gynecologic surgery, C-section, or a traumatic birth? If so, Mercier Therapy, a natural fertility program, may be able to help.

The Shared Fertility Journey is a 6-week program, typically performed with one 60-minute Mercier Therapy session per week. This gentle, non-invasive visceral manipulative technique is done abdominally and does not require vaginal work.

What can I expect?

The fertility program is customized to fit your unique needs. During your initial consultation, you can expect to discuss your health history and life experiences in order to explore possible contributing factors to get to the root cause of your fertility challenges. The consultation also includes a gentle, external pelvic organ mobility evaluation.

Mercier Therapy and can be used as a stand-alone regime or in preparation for a medically assisted cycle such as ICI, IUI, or IVF. We highly recommend that you prepare your body properly prior to starting any medically assisted fertility cycle to help increase the likelihood of a successful first cycle. The Shared Journey can be completed in time for your stim start by condensing the six sessions, if necessary.

In addition to manual work, you will be educated in nutrition, exercise, sleep, improving egg/sperm quality, supplementation, and cycle charting.

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Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Are you struggling with incontinence, pain with intercourse, pelvic organ prolapse, or constipation? Are you pregnant and think you just have to live with that low back or pelvic pain? Rooted Therapy and Wellness was built with you in mind. I practice whole-person, individualized pelvic floor treatment.

I understand discussing pelvic floor issues takes a lot of vulnerability and strength. You will receive total privacy and anonymity in a calm and caring environment, my home.

Ready to get started?

If you are struggling with pelvic pain, fertility challenges, or pelvic floor dysfunction and are ready to start your journey towards healing and reconnecting with your body, please reach out.

Call/text: 316.640.4339

Email: kara.rooted@gmail.com

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Rooted Therapy and Wellness is an out of network, cash based PT provider. Superbills are available upon request for you to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement. (*reimbursement is not guaranteed - contact your insurance provider prior to booking if interested in this option) Rooted Therapy and Wellness accepts cash, card, and HSA/FSA payments.

Upon request, consultation, and/or scheduling you will receive a Good Faith Estimate.


Affordable, high-quality services with full cost transparency is a priority. Upon scheduling and/or request each patient will receive a detailed cost for all available services offered at Rooted Therapy and Wellness.